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Записи категории Books.
2pac Acting Aesthetics And a lot of other things))) Anime Art Blackmore's Night Butterflies Cats DMX Dance hip hop Disco Dreams England Evanescence Fables Fanfics Flowers. Foreign languages Friends Gaming Gangsta rap Hip Hop Ice Ice-cream Interesting people J. Kawaii Legends Linguistic Linkin Park MOVIES Middle Ages Mobb Deep Moon Music Night Nightwish Pazitif People Photos Photoshop Rain Rap culture Reading Renaissance Romanticism SNoWbOaRd Scence Singing SkElAniMaLs Sky Sleep Songs Stars Status Steam-Punk Streets Studying Style Summer Sun TAkInG pHotOeS Ten Sharp The Beatles The Rasmus The moon The sky Tokio Hotel Trash Twilight Water Weapons Writing things ... Yaoi {Etceteras} and {So on} -_-
Тютелька, 26 лет
Photoes, Books, Anime, Painting, Movies, Graphology, Etc.
I believe those who are seeking the truth; I doubt those who find it.
I.L.Y.forever, 24 года
Canada, Surrey
Music, Acting, Foreign languages, Books, Movies
nothing matters but you http://www.formspri­ng.me/natashkooo
Britain, 26 лет
Foreign languages, Theatre, Biographies, Pets, Internet, England, Music, Dogs, Puppies, Wolves, Fantasy, Doctor Who, Books
I'm just a girl and learn at school. I have good friends. I consist of Faith, Music and Feelings. I don't want to live for nothing. And you'll know the rest about me, reading my diary.
Russia, Moscow
I like-anime, Manga, Skiing, Skating, Snowboarding, Sports, Swimming, TV, Music, Spring, Books, Foreign languages:jaranese and english, Sushi, Japan...
I'm a person,who likes anime,rock music and heart warming films xD I'm pessimistic...Stop!­Read the preface attentive and you'll know about me more.Bye! P.S. Russia forever xO Sorry for mistakes.
Russia, Moscow
Boys, Girls, Books, Music, Theatre, Cinema
Only you decide what I am. Only you determine my The situation in your life. I'm going to those whom you want See side. I'll be your angel. Status: free
Cristal, 25 лет
Russia, Ramenskoye
Books, Fantasy, Vampire, Friends, My love, Rain, Snow...
Just love me))) or remember...
Margaret or lazy girl...xD
Margaret or lazy girl...xD
Music, The Internet, Books, Dance, Foreign languages, Journalism etc.
I hate the lie...It's very bad!!!People,don't lie=)
A. Able
A. Able, 15 лет
Russia, Mikhailov
Anime, Music, Books
Watashi wa Alex.
Lucy. Night flower
Lucy. Night flower
Animals, Books, Anime, Perfume, Music, Travel, Positive, Love, Street life, Dance, Fantoms, Kisses, Night, Day, Twilight, Dawn, Films, People, Religions, Darkness, R.I.P., Fate, Wings, Fly, Samurai, Soul, Honor, Character, Life, Death, Foreverness...
I want to tell you about me. *******************­********** beauty, fidelity, cunning, scare, fantazy, with small defects.
Seconds., 24 года
Photoshop, Feelings, Summer, Science Fiction, Books, Internet, Games, Painting, Photography, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Music, Rock, Eternity, Night, Sea, Movies, Psychology, Milk Chocolate, History, Religion, Twilight, Vampires, Mystery, Dreams, Desire, Passion, Attraction
Do not look at me, because I'll be angry. The pain inside me is growing, but I do not forget that this is just a game ...
Pixes roxy
Pixes roxy
Anime, Winx, Animals, Painting, Verses, Stories about love, Books, History, Manga
The sociable person, I much than am interested I think to you will be about what to talk.
Vip Barbie...Your Doll
Vip Barbie...Your Doll
Anime, Clips, Dance, Music, Books, Internet, Parkour (not doing, Just watch ), Risk (the parachute and everything * about *) Well, I love photography .. and fired. (Pistolet.Takzhe outputting not only a rifle or bow and crossbow .) Swimming.
I love Halloween. This is the only day of the year when all men wear masks, and not only me. People for some reason, like once a year pretend to be monsters I did all my life implement man.
vanilla dream
vanilla dream, 26 лет
Russia, Moscow
Music, Movies, Going out with friends, Books, Computers, Roller skates
I have such as it is, I will not be another I have such as it is, I am a stay. I go na ve, There are harmful, But this, as is I have to light one.
Sembai, 25 лет
Trash, Art, Books, Music, Photoshop, Cyber Goth, Freaks, Scene, Hip-Hop, Techno, Electronica, Jumpstyle, Shuffle, C-walk, DnB Step, Reece, Ranetki
[Dont smoke,Dont drink,dont know anyone,Not looking for friends,Dont understand english]
Fluffy Kika
Fluffy Kika, 24 года
Music, Books, Anime, Goths, Cats, Wolves.
I am good, but am terrible vredinoy!
Moon Love
Moon Love
Ireland, Dublin
Twilight, Scence, Moon, Books
I like read very much and if you want to know more about me, you`ll ask.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger, 23 года
Russia, Moscow
Books, Harry Pootter, Studies, Music, Hermione, Winx(partially), Magic
Hermione is a Muggle-born Gryffindor student and the best friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. The daughter of two dentists.I am clever,good and assiduous.I want to find a new friends and communicate with them
Alice goth
Alice goth, 28 лет
Kazahstan, Karaganda
Gothic, Music, Sex, Drugs & rock, Books, Knives
Queen,goth,vampire,d­oll... but sometimes I am like a boy
Kagami chan...XD
Kagami chan...XD, 20 лет
Ukraine, Lviv
Anime!, Books, Beon...
[.:: I am not Ordinary person, but I search for friends... And all other I will tell in letters...::.]
Max Brown
Max Brown
Music, The moon, Romanticism, Reading, Books, Night, Stars, Butterflies, Songs, Singing, The sky, Flowers.
°•°I live, as I want°•° °•°I on a life one°•° °•°To itself the idiot,°•° °•°To itself the mister.°•° Love–well forgotten old Dream–always in my heart Second–I to it live The friendship-as is a lot of in this word …
Bulgaria, Sofia
Music, Anime, Fanfics, Books, Rain, Water, Sun, Cats, Writing things ...
Seduce my mind and you can have my body, Find my soul and I'm yours forever
The Way to Light
The Way to Light, 27 лет
Russia, St.-Petersburg
Music, Books, People, Streets
I am an ordinary person, with its problems and many unusual ... I do not understand ...
Djess, 26 лет
Hip hop, Gangsta rap, Rap culture, DMX, Mobb Deep, 2pac, Pazitif, Style, Status, Disco, Books, Dance hip hop
I floor, I told friends that is so jolly is listening gangsta rap, hip hop well, and so on))) love pazitif throughout !!!!!!!
Amerya, 27 лет
Ukraine, Krivoy Rog
Books, Tokio Hotel, The Rasmus, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Nightwish
Live with a phrase "Life is good", like listening to the music, prefer rain and don't really like sun... But anyway I'm good friend and interesting person)
Girl with a player
Fairy tales, Books, Ranetki, Computer, Happiness
[You know, enjoy the sun, very difficult ... I'll help you, or I'm not a girl ... (c)] Live with me, rejoice with me ...
rocking girl, 21 год
Music, Rock, Dancing, Books, Movies, Toma.
I am someone you don't know and you have got to find out who I am.

XYWE > Интересы > Books

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