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Записи категории Drawing.
1980s AFI Air-baloons An Cafe Animals Anime Audrey Kitching Avatars Cats Cute things Death Note Death note and some other things Elfen Lied Emotions English Exploring Flood Fools Fotoshop Friends Friends=))) Games German Gothic Guitar Gwen Stefani Hanna Beth Horses ICQ Jac Vanek Japan Japanese Jeffree Star Jigoku Shoujo LaFee Love Making friends Manga Marilyn Manson Melancholy of Haruhi Music Naruto Nature PS2 Photoshop Picture Pozitive Rain Reading Roleplaying Sea Singing Ska Skateboard Soap bubbles Summer Surfing Swimming To be idiot Trash Trashy life Video games Walking Wolves Writing
AngelxAngle, 20 лет
Drawing, Chating with my best friend all the day, Anime and Grand Chase
I like to shoot people, while eating pom fri.I am arabian terroristic egyptian and I will shoot you without questions.My favourite guns are rifle and bazooka.If you like me then it is settled, you will be in my harem then >:)
Jenny Anonymous
Jenny Anonymous, 24 года
Music, Movies, Thoughts, Drawing
people see me in different ways. I assume. I can't read their thoughts.
W. w. A y u m i
W. w. A y u m i
Anime, Jrock, Visual kei, Alice nine, Neko, Kiyoharu, Gazette, Sug, Girls generation, Drawing, Reading, Skiing, Perfect girl evolution, Jigoku shoujo, Dokuro chan, Japan, Kpop, F(x), Korea, Yaoi, Manga, Vocaloid, Celo, Kanon wakeshima, Electric guitar, Fender strato caster
I am incredibly crazy person..believe it or not , I have 3 cats and I luvvv jrock, kpop and Japan...I am interested in anime..Mostly manga.. I like Thai food **... Live in Toronto :X And my fav. shop is AnimeXtreme. Yay
Sintux, 23 года
Latvija, Riga
Naruto, Anime, Music, Wolves, Drawing, Death note and some other things
I'm 14 years old. I'm from Latvia. I can understand and write in latvian and english, but i am trying to learn russian I like to talk and have a got time :DDD Likes anime and to draw
Ryoko Willy
Ryoko Willy, 27 лет
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Drawing, Anime, Music, Playing the violin, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Scandinavian mythology, Mythology in general, Demagogy
I can say about myself that I'm interested in communicating. I would like to find friends here. But there are very few people, because nobody wants to talk online with people from his country through an interpreter.
Mary Andry
Mary Andry
Russia, Moscow
Drawing, Dancing, To play on a synthesizer.
My name is Mary, i am fairy, im 13 and others
Zoe .
Zoe .
Music, Drawing, Beach, Games, The computer
I the best that could be at you...
I...Strawberries...I, 21 год
Russia, Kazan
For sport, Dance, Drawing, Games, English.
Kind, cheerful, happy, touchy.
The Russian girl
The Russian girl, 22 года
Russia, Lipetsk
Russia, Lipetsk, Music, Friends, BeOn, Drawing
Cheerful, interesting. I wish to find friends.
6 Ego 6 l...DeaD...l
6 Ego 6 l...DeaD...l, 36 лет
Latvia, Liepaja
Anime, Japan, Japanese Culture, Japanese Language, Manga, Music, Drawing, Gothic, Thunderstorm, Lightning, Snow, Summer, Winter, Rain, Stars, Life, Death, Laughter, Tears, Friendship, Family, Internet.
"I never said: "I want to be alone". I just said: "I want to be left alone", and it isn't the same." ©
Miyuchan, 22 года
India/Russia, Moscow/Dharamsala
Animals, Anime, Rain, Nature, Japan, Rats, Drawing, Internet
Miyuchan welcomes you! I really love animals and anime. I am super kawai and funny untill someone makes me mad.
Russia, Moscow
Music, Summer, Anime, Japanese, Sea, Skateboard, Picture, Drawing, Swimming, Friends, Animals, Games, Fotoshop
not what to me about itself saying.. is necessary?? will ask !
Y u k i H y o
Y u k i H y o, 26 лет
Sweden, Karlshamn
Anime, Manga, Video Games, Music, Drawing, Cute things, Japanese, Roleplaying
Yo! -Waves- There's nothing really much to say about me. I'm just your average 16 year old teen who loves Anime and Manga more than her life. xD... Ok...make that a bit un-average
jinnei, 26 лет
Philippines, Baguio city
Jigoku shoujo, Drawing, Anime, Nature, Writing, Reading, Exploring, Making friends, Surfing
i am a lover of nature, of pets and of art. i am currently enrolled in veterinary medicine. i am adventurous yet dangerous. i can be too serious but i am kind.
Anja P
Anja P, 25 лет
USA, Buffalo
Japan, Anime, Music, Drawing
Hi i'm Anja(prononced like anya). I am new to this website so i dot understand most of it. hopefully i willsoetime soon!
Manual bird, 24 года
Russia, St.Petersburg
Drawing, Summer, Animals.
"Like a tyulpan.Svidu modest, but inside beauty, explosive girl."-line about mne.Pisali friends.
just mouse, 23 года
Kazakstan, Aktau
English, Music, Break, Hip-hop to photograph, Drawing, Wolves, A guitar....skateboard
I play on guitar.... I like to drive on skateboard, I write songs, I badly know English language.... Help to learn.....
VIetnam, Ho Chi Minh
Physics, Anime, Russian Rock, Folk, Medieval Time, Religions, Mythology, Drawing, Nature, LHC, Tolkien, Dungeons&Dragons, Minstrels, FRPG, Universes, Kami-sama, After-apocalypse, Writing Bad Fics ^_^
Do you want to join me? Do you want to see how colourful is the night? Do you want to open your wings, as white as the first snow, and jump towards the orchids, growing in the sky? It's easy... Just believe.
Shade of Hige Wolf
Music, Anime, Drawing, English, Gothic
I'm a Wolfy!^^ And a don't tell you anymore!^_^

XYWE > Интересы > Drawing

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