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Записи категории Internet.
AFI Akado America Animals Anime Art Beon Black Boys Bravo Bro Brother's Kaulitz CHOCOLADE! Candles Chatting Chocolate Cinema Bizaree CinemaBizarre Communication Concerts Dark Death Note Dreams EMO Elfen Lied England English Etc. Fanfs Forest Friends Girls Gothic Heavy metal Horrors ICQ Japan KoRn Lemons Life Light Linkin Park Love Manga Mello Music Naruto Night Poems Positive Rain Reading Rock Romantica Sakura Wars Silence Sleep Slipknot Sms Stars Sweets TOKIO HOTEL FOREVER!!! Tests Thrillers To walk Tokio Hotel TokioHotel Trash Tv Us5 Vampires Writing the tests Yellow
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, 25 лет
Funny Videos, Girls, Music, Playing Instrument, Vocal, Skeyd-board, Internet, Hockey
What can I say? I am an ordinary guy, with his desires
Britain, 26 лет
Foreign languages, Theatre, Biographies, Pets, Internet, England, Music, Dogs, Puppies, Wolves, Fantasy, Doctor Who, Books
I'm just a girl and learn at school. I have good friends. I consist of Faith, Music and Feelings. I don't want to live for nothing. And you'll know the rest about me, reading my diary.
Mexx, 23 года
Russia, Shadrinsk
Internet, Music, Saint-petesburg, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter
My name is... Though it not so is important. Age_14 years, I very much love music, Drawing,Mad Hatter, Films and beautiful stories. Especially a city Saint-Petesburg One word - the pensive person
RockGirl, 22 года
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Anime, Music, Rock, Cinema Bizarre, Strify, Yu, Kiro, Shin, Romeo, Luminor, AKADO, Evanescence, Gothic Style, Subcultures, Goths, Stigmata, Otto Dix, Internet, BeOn, Anti Winx, KIT-I, Amy Lee, TH, Friends, South Park, The 69 eyes
I am 13 years old.I like rock,anime and goths)You can learn more,if you communicate with me) I such,who I am... Nobody can change me.
Seconds., 24 года
Photoshop, Feelings, Summer, Science Fiction, Books, Internet, Games, Painting, Photography, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Music, Rock, Eternity, Night, Sea, Movies, Psychology, Milk Chocolate, History, Religion, Twilight, Vampires, Mystery, Dreams, Desire, Passion, Attraction
Do not look at me, because I'll be angry. The pain inside me is growing, but I do not forget that this is just a game ...
Miyuchan, 22 года
India/Russia, Moscow/Dharamsala
Animals, Anime, Rain, Nature, Japan, Rats, Drawing, Internet
Miyuchan welcomes you! I really love animals and anime. I am super kawai and funny untill someone makes me mad.
Vip Barbie...Your Doll
Vip Barbie...Your Doll
Anime, Clips, Dance, Music, Books, Internet, Parkour (not doing, Just watch ), Risk (the parachute and everything * about *) Well, I love photography .. and fired. (Pistolet.Takzhe outputting not only a rifle or bow and crossbow .) Swimming.
I love Halloween. This is the only day of the year when all men wear masks, and not only me. People for some reason, like once a year pretend to be monsters I did all my life implement man.
Miranda Quince
Miranda Quince, 26 лет
Russia, Korolev
Foreign languages, Theatre, Biographies, Pets, Internet, England, Music, Dogs, Puppies, Wolves, Fantasy, Doctor Who
I'm just a girl, learn at school. I have good friends. I consist of Faith, Music and Feelings. I don't want to live for nothing. And you'll know the rest about me, reading my diary.
Mail Jeevas
Mail Jeevas, 26 лет
Japan, Iokohama
Anime, J-rock, Internet
Did you watch Death Note?..
Bravo., 24 года
Russia, Kogalym
Music, Culture, Germany, England, Rock, Lyrics, Photos, Japan, Internet, Love, Romance, Men, My Creativity.
«We are all characters from the strange play -- From gangsters, and to Princess. We all abide by their own interests -- Each interest » поиск
1000suns, 25 лет
Internet, Gothic, Emo, Trash, Beon, Tests, Writing the tests, Lemons, Yellow, Black, Akado, Music, Rain, Vampires, ICQ, Chatting, Etc.
ohhh... I can not say anything about myself :) Just get the qestion to me, and i'll answer...
GraFa, 111 лет
Great Britain, London
AFI, Life, Love, Laugh, Trash, Japan, Japanese, England, English, America, Anime, Manga, JRock, Gothic, Death Note, Naruto, Loveless, Elfen Lied, Internet, Chatting, Reading, Music
Hello F**k it all,it doesn't make any sense,I am just a stupid kid that's all. And I eat pixies sometimes when I am bored.Under construction yeah. I am SINGLE AND NOT LOOKING. Because Love is only pain and it hurts every time when I fall in love...XD
All that is gold does not glitter, No all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
S.M.Mari, 113 лет
France, Paris
Internet, Les Chatons, Anime, Pofigizm, L' t, Le Soleil, La Pluie, Les jouets Mous
J'aime la pluie... Dans lui on peut cacher les larmes...
BL0NDY, 27 лет
Deutchland, Berlin
TokioHotel, CinemaBizarre, Us5, ICQ, TV, Internet, Brother's Kaulitz, Chocolate
I mentally unhealthy child. I love music, especially Tokiohotel. And write verses (in Russian) so, and very like to prepare different delicious dishes!

XYWE > Интересы > Internet

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