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Записи категории Music.
Сообщества c интересом "Music".
A night sky All fine arts Amatory Angels...Mmmm Animals Anime Anything else?.. Art Beauty Boys Bro Candles Cheerleading Chocolate Communicating Computer Computers Cooking Csi Dark Death Note Drawing Dreams EMO English Foreign aff Friends Friendship Ghost hunters Girls Guitar Heavy metal History Hugs ICQ IPod Internet Jane Air Japan KoRn L&o LIVE Ladies Life Linkin Park Love Love... Me to U Metal My diary My friends and my family Mythbusters Neon stars Night Painting Photoshop Pictures Poetry Pritty boys... Reading Reading(Keith Ablow is my favorite and so is neil Gaiman!) Rock Sleeplessness Slipknot Subcultures Summer Sweets Swimming Tea&Coffee Technology The moon Vampires White clouds Writting
M O  R  E  N  A
M O R E N A, 16 лет
Россия, Химки
Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Music, Dogs.
The fire is always burning in my soul.
Pauline Rose.
Pauline Rose., 16 лет
Россия, Москва
Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Music, Twitter.
Если хочешь понять жизнь, то перестань верить тому, что говорят и пишут, а наблюдай и чувствуй.©
LOL, 23 года
LOL =P, *так я вам и сказала*
Anime, Manga, Music, Forever alone и еще куча всякой х*йни =)
Милая? Нет, это не про меня. Добрая? Возможно.­ Спокойная? Куда­ без этого? Сарканичная? О да! Стерва? В жизни все бывает. Сволочь? Ещё та. Кавай? Вы ещё спрашиваете?
Nelli Enjer
Nelli Enjer, 20 лет
Russia, Novosibirsk
Cinema Bizarre, Music, Poetry, Literature, Mystic, Japan, J-rock
I'm a person who flies in the clouds,and live my dreams and fantasies...
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, 25 лет
Funny Videos, Girls, Music, Playing Instrument, Vocal, Skeyd-board, Internet, Hockey
What can I say? I am an ordinary guy, with his desires
Flork, 21 год
Japan, Tokyo
Music, History, Psychology, Vampires
Моя мечта в моём сердце..
mause, 24 года
Меня всесильем при рожденьи господь бог отравил, А я страдаю, как последний дурак. Я умираю в пустоте неразделенной любви, Я жду тебя, о, мой единственный враг.
MinatoSama, 28 лет
Anime, Cosplay, Angels, Moon, J-rock, Music, Cinema, Daemons, Vampire's, Japan, Бананы, Tiger, Wolfs, Elfs, Fanfiction, Arts, Bishounen, Мечи, Ужасы, Мистика, Тайны, Паралельные миры
Хех лень мне описывать, что-то про себя, Ибо я Демон! Деманов не нужно знать их нужно понимть без слов!
Jenny Anonymous
Jenny Anonymous, 24 года
Music, Movies, Thoughts, Drawing
people see me in different ways. I assume. I can't read their thoughts.
Pozitive Sakura
Pozitive Sakura, 18 лет
Winx, Naruto, To paint anime, Music, K-on, Frends, Povitiv, Shoping, Pictures ipod, Sims 2, 3, 2x2, Getto, Madagaskar, Photochop onlaine, Beon, Ltalk, Mindmix, Garguru.
Ну что сказать? Я люблю винкс и наруто . Мне 9 лет . похожа внешностью на тен тен а по характеру ино.
M i c h a e l
M i c h a e l, 24 года
Manga-eyga, Manga, Music, Cinema, Rollers, Computers, Friends
Каждый человек - личность. Личность со своими вкусами и характером. (с)
Mrs. Nobody
Mrs. Nobody, 23 года
Music, Movies, Sports, Dancing, Equestrian sports, Architecture, Myths, Gothic
Hi, my name is Angelina. I am cheerful, understanding, a little strange and lazy))) I love to sing, dance, sports and watch movies! I love Jared Leto:D
Guitars, Piano, Music, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Zebrahead, Geography, Dreams
About me? Foolish girl who knows English a little bit but can't speak at all.
N.E., 28 лет
Music, Mountains, Psychology, History, English, French, XX century
- About what to you tell these stars? - .... Tomorrow there will be a good weather? - The idiot, at us have stolen tent!
A l a s k a
A l a s k a, 114 лет
England, London
Anime, Flowers, Music, Beauty, Naruto, Vokaloids
It is only my WORLD
I very interesting.Also I like to communicate
Russia, Moscow
I like-anime, Manga, Skiing, Skating, Snowboarding, Sports, Swimming, TV, Music, Spring, Books, Foreign languages:jaranese and english, Sushi, Japan...
I'm a person,who likes anime,rock music and heart warming films xD I'm pessimistic...Stop!­Read the preface attentive and you'll know about me more.Bye! P.S. Russia forever xO Sorry for mistakes.
Zoe .
Zoe .
Music, Drawing, Beach, Games, The computer
I the best that could be at you...
Mexx, 23 года
Russia, Shadrinsk
Internet, Music, Saint-petesburg, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter
My name is... Though it not so is important. Age_14 years, I very much love music, Drawing,Mad Hatter, Films and beautiful stories. Especially a city Saint-Petesburg One word - the pensive person
Russia, Moscow
Boys, Girls, Books, Music, Theatre, Cinema
Only you decide what I am. Only you determine my The situation in your life. I'm going to those whom you want See side. I'll be your angel. Status: free
Sally Welcome to my town
Sally Welcome to my town, 114 лет
I'm Sally.
Anime, Art, Films, Music
this profile can fill somebody besides me?
ararar, 104 года
Music, Anime, Manga, Girls, Sex
Beatris, 27 лет
Anime, Music
I love white on black...Dark dlu color my elements...And bloody red...I the person with a mask of Joker...
Music, Green Day, Friends, Noize MC, Mosko Echelon, California, LA...
This is my life, you weren't invited...here exit..good bye!
The Russian girl
The Russian girl, 22 года
Russia, Lipetsk
Russia, Lipetsk, Music, Friends, BeOn, Drawing
Cheerful, interesting. I wish to find friends.
DreamTo..., 21 год
Belarus, Minsk
Music, My music, My band, Writing songs, Fool around, Be myself
Oh, help me! I know English not very well ... And to be precise, it's just awful! So, I registered here only in order to improve the language. Well, enough of sad. Let's chat, have fun and make friends!
I love Selena Gomez I
I love Selena Gomez I, 21 год
Selena Gomez, Snow, Rain, Music, Mermaids....
There was a fine summer, The sun is stylishly dressed. _______________ I sociable, kind like to compose verses, to sing. I adore a rain and friends... Nearly has not forgotten, !!!
Margaret or lazy girl...xD
Margaret or lazy girl...xD
Music, The Internet, Books, Dance, Foreign languages, Journalism etc.
I hate the lie...It's very bad!!!People,don't lie=)
Russia, Voronezh
My world, Night, Shopping, Dancing, Ill, Yoghurts, Voyages, Sea, Life, Love, Music, Rap, Sweets, Chocolate, Friends, Boys, Girls, Wrong Turn, 5ivesta Family, Needles, Syringes, Tablets, Me, Autumn, November, Ashley Tisdale.
We'll be together come whatever Not just staring at the stars Just remember That no one else could tell us who we are We'll be together so don't ever Stop listening to your heart Cause I can't turn mine off
Guitar, Anime, Music, Funny shit
I'm kinda mental
Nettie, 26 лет
America, Los-Angeles
Music, Dance, Karate, Ice skating, Piano, Guitar, Cooking, Reading, Writing, Watching movies, Videos, Skateboarding, Singing, Baseball, Basketball, Trampoline ...
I have three older brothers named Marcus, Dustin and Scott. I have 3 dogs (Snoopy, Chewie and Musashi) and two turtles (Tootsen and Zeus). Collection of stuffed animals, hats, books and crafts. My friends call me Nettie,you can call me the same way.
Annett, 23 года
Music, Poetry
Анюютаа хD
United Kingdom
Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Music, Dancing
-Hey u guys! I love music and more. People say that I'm kind
Jolly Rоger
USA(California), San-Diego
Music, Guitar, Rock`n`Roll.
I am ordinary person,who lead not ordinary life. In a word I am and I me
Kammy Diamond, 22 года
Sonic The hedgehog, SAW (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Music
im a glam rock girl
Music, Yachts, Summer, Foreign languages, Snowboards, Flash-games.
Всем привет! Я нечего не знаю на английском!
N.a.o.m.i, 22 года
Russia, Tver
Music, Anime, New-York, London, Foreign languages, Art, Accessories, Style, Sweets, Japan, Movies
[... It psychopath and hysterical, often curl herself as herself, she loves to laugh and have fun, but very often cries, she does not believe in miracles, but make a wish for the holidays, sincere smiles, but only those who really need it. ..]
baby miley cyrus., 26 лет
Music, I, Friends, Movie, Love (:
I'm miley cyrus.) and... I don't what say it (:
Canada, Vancuver
Twilight, Remember me, Music, Rock, Linkin park, T.A.T.u., Uma2rman, Leaves eyes, LaFee, Smath mouth, Muse
I love to be alone, but I hate loneliness, often laughing and joking, but do not know how to have fun ... I hate love, but with all my being want to love ... I'm an unusual gray mouse ... I do not have laws ...
Marianna Tripoli, 23 года
Russia, Moscow
Anime, Manga, Music, Vampires, Night, Blood, Foreign languages, Winter
Lost all my tears, can't cry No reason, no meaning Just hatred No matter how hard I try
xenia133, 21 год
Music, Summer, Singing, Games, Volleyball, Dansing
like to sing, play voleyball, have nice beautiful hair, very cute..adorrable..li­ke to danse..plays guitar..and some other stuff..! :)
Miley The Last Vampire, 23 года
USA, Los-Angeles
Music, Blog 27, Anime, Twilight, USA
I love Blog 27 Anime Twilight Paramore
LadyInYourLife, 27 лет
Family, Music, Love
my childhood is always with me
Beautiful, 31 год
Anime, Music
I sweet poison drop I, 22 года
Россия, Москва
Music, Dance, Guitar, Piano, Muse, Skillet, Tokio Hotel, Eklipse, Niusha and so dalie...
Занимаюсь 4 года танцами, Пол года ритарой. Непрофиси­онально­ катаюсь на скейте, Немного играю на фортепьяно, Играю в теннис, Очень люблю играть в пин-бол**
Polina Polina, 22 года
Hi! My name's Polina!=) I'm from Russia! I'm very active, outgoing and friendly girl.=) I love music very much. I love to laugh and smile=))) I like to spend my free time with my friends and family=)
Wolf on xywe.com, 26 лет
Russia, Saratov
Music, Yachts, Summer, Foreign languages, Snowboards, Flash-games.
I very much like to look films about vampires in different languages
katerinka, 20 лет
USA, Los Angeles st. California
Sport, Fashion, Studies, Music, History
Hello, everebody! I`m Kate, me 10. I figure skating. I like animals! I`ve got many friends! I`ve got 2 dogs-Bizzi and Tif. I listen Lady GAGA, Beyonce abd Sergey Lazarev!

XYWE > Интересы > Music

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