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XYWE > Интересы > Philosophy


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Записи категории Philosophy.
A. Camus Alternative And many other. Anime Art Blood Canine Cemeteries Changes every which way Channel A-One! Classics Dance together Dawn Drum & Bass Fear Fencing Foxes Friends Genetics Gothic Grange Grief High buildings History Illusions Japan Journalism LP Laughter Life Life and Death Literature Logic May Memoirs Murders Music Music... New year Night Nirvana Old locks Painting Pisateltvo Pleasure Poems Poetize Poetry Potustoronnee Psychology Rain Reading Reasonings Riding Sarter Sing Storm Subcultures Summer Sun Sunset Tears. The Black-and-white Photo The Cinema The Extreme The Fantasy The Heart-searching The Middle Ages. The Photo The Second World War The September The literature The sky... The sun Theatre Unusual people Walks in the rain Winter Yaoy Zoology
Martin Kinney
Martin Kinney, 28 лет
Germany, Berlin
Philosophy, Rain, Riddles, Nervous breakdowns, Whisper, Summer evenings, Sea, Physics, Unidentified, Not mutual love, Kisses, Conversations with herself, Gray eyes ...
I am too complicated to be accessible, too alien, to be your ... too innocent to be a criminal, too dear to be a draw ...
Ketaki Urukai
Ketaki Urukai, 30 лет
Anime, LP, Dawn, Sunset, Storm, Foxes, Philosophy, Psychology, Music...
He can think that you are a little bit mad Throwing loving words into the air But you know in your own despair That you must leave Him just for his care.
The ice Princess
The ice Princess
England, London
Journalism, Philosophy, Potustoronnee, Unusual people, Riding, Fencing, The Extreme, High buildings, Reading, Psychology, Logic, Pisateltvo, Theatre, The Photo, Dance together, The Cinema, Poetry, The Literature, The Middle Ages.
The princess. And all is told by it. ... Among ice and crowd with the person cold There is a Princess, walks is proud The nobody's Lord, The nobody's bride Yes, yes without a throne, and kingdom ….
Mary Kate loves Ino
Mary Kate loves Ino, 24 года
Ukraine, Kramatorsk
Alternative, Subcultures, The Black-and-white Photo, Friends, History, Philosophy, Channel A-One!, Rain, Memoirs, Classics, Tears.
Anime,Alternative, Fate, Subcultures, Black-and-white photos, Vintazh, Friends, Philosophy, Channel A-One!, the Rain, Memoirs, Classics, Music, Tears.
Murderer Agito
Murderer Agito
Murders, Blood, Walks in the rain, Philosophy, Life and Death
Malicious, with a droplet of kindness a scooter. I do not like to fool about. Sense of my life in protecting Akito...
past shade Ellessan
past shade Ellessan, 24 года
Great Britain, Winchester
Philosophy, The Heart-searching, Painting, Music, Anime, The Fantasy, Illusions, Cemeteries, Old locks, Fear, Changes every which way
And I leave to myself the right to bad dreams, the right to burn from spring and to the sky to go on ashes....
Dark Miledy, 25 лет
Life, Summer, The sun, Winter, May, The September, New year, Music, The literature, Laughter, Pleasure, Grief, Reasonings, Philosophy, Rain, The sky...
A pessimist sees difficulties in each opportunity; an optimist in each difficulty sees opportunities. Uinston Churchill. the most widespread desire - to differ from others. (Wiliam Shakespeare)
Aleex, 30 лет
Philosophy, Literature, Art, A. Camus, Sarter
I m philosopher

XYWE > Интересы > Philosophy

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