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Записи категории Rain.
30 STM Amatory Ancient Egypt Anime Athletics Avatar Avril Lavigne Blood Books Bratz Cats Cinema Bizarre Cosmetics Dialogue Dogs Dreams EMO Explosions Fanfics Films Green Day Grief Grunge Guitar H2O simply add water History Horrors Izzi Hilton Jacque Vanek KoRn LaFee Laughter Life Lordi Manga May Me to you Metal Mischke teddi Music My Chemical Romance Mythology New year Nightwish Nirvana Oomph! Ozzy Osbourn Pagoda People Philosophy Pictures Pleasure Positive Post-grunge Psychology Punk Reasonings Reduction Rock Sum 41 Summer Sun System of a down The Ancient Greece The Gothic style The September The literature The sky... The sun Theatre of Tragedy Tokio Hotel Tresh Tristania Water Winter Within Temptation Writing things ... Xandria
SoiFon, 22 года
Bleach, Anime, Wolf`s, Rain, Tomb Raider i t.d
Shinigami matь tvou XD
Martin Kinney
Martin Kinney, 28 лет
Germany, Berlin
Philosophy, Rain, Riddles, Nervous breakdowns, Whisper, Summer evenings, Sea, Physics, Unidentified, Not mutual love, Kisses, Conversations with herself, Gray eyes ...
I am too complicated to be accessible, too alien, to be your ... too innocent to be a criminal, too dear to be a draw ...
Cristal, 24 года
Russia, Ramenskoye
Books, Fantasy, Vampire, Friends, My love, Rain, Snow...
Just love me))) or remember...
Kawaii Lucy l.Princess.l
Kawaii Lucy l.Princess.l, 22 года
Russia, Moskow
Anime, Draw, Dance, Rain, Music...
Hello! My name is Ira, I'm 13. I live in Moskow.
I love Selena Gomez I
I love Selena Gomez I, 20 лет
Selena Gomez, Snow, Rain, Music, Mermaids....
There was a fine summer, The sun is stylishly dressed. _______________ I sociable, kind like to compose verses, to sing. I adore a rain and friends... Nearly has not forgotten, !!!
6 Ego 6 l...DeaD...l
6 Ego 6 l...DeaD...l, 36 лет
Latvia, Liepaja
Anime, Japan, Japanese Culture, Japanese Language, Manga, Music, Drawing, Gothic, Thunderstorm, Lightning, Snow, Summer, Winter, Rain, Stars, Life, Death, Laughter, Tears, Friendship, Family, Internet.
"I never said: "I want to be alone". I just said: "I want to be left alone", and it isn't the same." ©
Nessi, 23 года
Russia, Rosyov-on-Don
Guitars, Music, Art, Rain, Pictures, Vampires, Werewolves, Rock Music, Lyrics, Love, Soft toys, Romance, Little Children, Series, Cinema ...
~...:::.>I love kittens and punk rock in the head, Pythagoras, and sneakers on my feet, I love zombies and ballet, lime and cactus. Who said that it is not combines the? Mix of life))<.:::...~
Vagrant named Smile
Vagrant named Smile, 25 лет
Moldova, Chishinau
Anime, Rock, Emo, Punk, Got, Manga, Poems, Rain
Life as a dream. All the time you're afraid to wake up.
Miyuchan, 22 года
India/Russia, Moscow/Dharamsala
Animals, Anime, Rain, Nature, Japan, Rats, Drawing, Internet
Miyuchan welcomes you! I really love animals and anime. I am super kawai and funny untill someone makes me mad.
L.o.L.o, 24 года
Russia, Chelny
Music, Boys, Summer, Ice-cream, Rain, Pigeons, Bears, Photos, Clever interlocutors
"Admire me or despise, the third it is not given!" {c}
Mary Kate loves Ino
Mary Kate loves Ino, 24 года
Ukraine, Kramatorsk
Alternative, Subcultures, The Black-and-white Photo, Friends, History, Philosophy, Channel A-One!, Rain, Memoirs, Classics, Tears.
Anime,Alternative, Fate, Subcultures, Black-and-white photos, Vintazh, Friends, Philosophy, Channel A-One!, the Rain, Memoirs, Classics, Music, Tears.
CraZe, 26 лет
Rock, Art, Foreign languages, Foto, Astronomy, Computers, Money, USSR, Rain
I want to do my best. That`s all.
Angel of Death...
Angel of Death..., 24 года
Russia, Saratov
Anime, Death note, Elven song, Hot summer, Gone with ghosts, Poems, Stories, Night, Life, Dream, Dreams, Rain, Summer, Fire.
I am very cheerful and sociable. But sometimes, like pogrustit. Write to me as long as you want! I will answer all your comments.
Selesta, 27 лет
Russia, Moscow
Rain, Cats, Gothic, Mysticism, Brunettes, Love, Verses, Solitude, Dreams
"It is impossible!" - Reason said. "It is reckless!" - noticed Experience. "It is useless!" - cut off Pride. "Make attempt..." - Dream whispered.
1000suns, 25 лет
Internet, Gothic, Emo, Trash, Beon, Tests, Writing the tests, Lemons, Yellow, Black, Akado, Music, Rain, Vampires, ICQ, Chatting, Etc.
ohhh... I can not say anything about myself :) Just get the qestion to me, and i'll answer...
Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Akatsuki, Naruto, Pein, The nature, Animals, Music, Detectives, Criminalistics, Art, Anime, The Internet, Mysticism, Demons, Archeology, Biology, History, Investigations, Historical films, Silence, Astronomy, The natural phenomena, Natural accidents
Just as our birth has brought for us a birth of all surrounding, and our death will be death of all surrounding
Leruse4ka., 23 года
Russia, Moskow
Music, Guitar, Life, Rain, Rollers, Friends, Meetings with friends, Emotions, Love nirvana, Grung, Kurt Cobain, Poems...and others
I live in Moscow. My native language is Russian. I study English language only at school and I don't know why I'm here...After all I could be on Russian site. Therefore I can write with errors
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Anime, Manga, Writting, Music, Soveit films, Reading, Basketball, People, Chocolate, Rain, Ice-cream, Japan, Criticism
I'm only a girl, who want to post interesting notes and study english=)
Electronics, Happiness, Pictures, Myself, Video games, Rain, Summer, Notebooks, Skateboards, Skateboarding, Ice, Snow, Water, Air, Breeze, Ice skating, Ice skates, Skinny jeans, Jesse cupcake, SCENE, Body Percings
I am a scene girl living in a scene world!! I have brown natural hair right now. I want to dye it black. I LOVE coontails in my hair, I dont wear make up yet. I have my own site. I LOVE THE SCENE. I want to be a model
xXx.Impertinent.xXx, 23 года
Rain, History, Mythology, Horrors, Summer, Winter, Music, Reduction, Films, Dialogue, Psychology, Ancient Egypt, The Ancient Greece, Emo, Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, Lafee, Anime, Manga, Izzi Hilton, Tresh, The Gothic style, Explosions, Jacque Vanek
I one of one million. I differ nothing from others. Here only I like on to philosophise. I like to help people with problems. At me passion to psychology. And passion to history.
Bulgaria, Sofia
Music, Anime, Fanfics, Books, Rain, Water, Sun, Cats, Writing things ...
Seduce my mind and you can have my body, Find my soul and I'm yours forever
Kiss, 21 год
Russia, Bogorodsk
Anime, Rain, Photo
A few words about me: ==> not need...
Problem, 27 лет
Russia, Murom
Hip-Hop, Interesting people, Crazy deal, Messages from friends, And certainly friends, Rain, Snow, Interesting rhymes, Basketball, Graffiti.
Strange essence with a heap of ambitions and absence sensible with
Dark Miledy, 25 лет
Life, Summer, The sun, Winter, May, The September, New year, Music, The literature, Laughter, Pleasure, Grief, Reasonings, Philosophy, Rain, The sky...
A pessimist sees difficulties in each opportunity; an optimist in each difficulty sees opportunities. Uinston Churchill. the most widespread desire - to differ from others. (Wiliam Shakespeare)
Ox MaD SounD xO
Music, Guitar, People, Rain, Sun
Ich will Stern auf dem Himmel sein... ....­ ...

XYWE > Интересы > Rain

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