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Записи категории Reading.
AFI America American punk music Anime Basketball Books Butterflies Camping Chatting Chocolate Cooking Criticism Csi Cycling Dancing Death Note Drawing Elfen Lied England English Exploring Flowers. Geometry Ghost hunters Gothic Hanging with friends History I like alternative Ice-cream Internet JRock Japan Japanese Jigoku Shoujo Journalism L&o Laugh Life Love Loveless MOVIES Making friends Manga Motorcycles Music Mythbusters Naruto Nature Night People Philosophy Poetry Psychology Rain Retro. Romanticism Running Sailing Shopping Singing Songs Soveit films Stars Surfing Swimming The Photo The literature The moon The sky Theatre Trash Traveling Unusual people Vampires and werewolves Writing Writting
Andre, 49 лет
USA, Chicago
Cycling, Running, Sailing, Traveling, Motorcycles, Reading, Poetry, Writing, Geometry
Always have loved to read books without pictures. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a word is worth a thousand and one pictures.
W. w. A y u m i
W. w. A y u m i
Anime, Jrock, Visual kei, Alice nine, Neko, Kiyoharu, Gazette, Sug, Girls generation, Drawing, Reading, Skiing, Perfect girl evolution, Jigoku shoujo, Dokuro chan, Japan, Kpop, F(x), Korea, Yaoi, Manga, Vocaloid, Celo, Kanon wakeshima, Electric guitar, Fender strato caster
I am incredibly crazy person..believe it or not , I have 3 cats and I luvvv jrock, kpop and Japan...I am interested in anime..Mostly manga.. I like Thai food **... Live in Toronto :X And my fav. shop is AnimeXtreme. Yay
Persimmon, 24 года
Russia, Moscow yeah))
Music, Vampires and werewolves, Reading, Retro.
I am so different... so i cannot tell you everything about myself. Do it)
The ice Princess
The ice Princess
England, London
Journalism, Philosophy, Potustoronnee, Unusual people, Riding, Fencing, The Extreme, High buildings, Reading, Psychology, Logic, Pisateltvo, Theatre, The Photo, Dance together, The Cinema, Poetry, The Literature, The Middle Ages.
The princess. And all is told by it. ... Among ice and crowd with the person cold There is a Princess, walks is proud The nobody's Lord, The nobody's bride Yes, yes without a throne, and kingdom ….
Daddyslittlegirl, 32 года
Shopping, Movies, Reading, Swimming, Camping
GraFa, 111 лет
Great Britain, London
AFI, Life, Love, Laugh, Trash, Japan, Japanese, England, English, America, Anime, Manga, JRock, Gothic, Death Note, Naruto, Loveless, Elfen Lied, Internet, Chatting, Reading, Music
Hello F**k it all,it doesn't make any sense,I am just a stupid kid that's all. And I eat pixies sometimes when I am bored.Under construction yeah. I am SINGLE AND NOT LOOKING. Because Love is only pain and it hurts every time when I fall in love...XD
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Anime, Manga, Writting, Music, Soveit films, Reading, Basketball, People, Chocolate, Rain, Ice-cream, Japan, Criticism
I'm only a girl, who want to post interesting notes and study english=)
Max Brown
Max Brown
Music, The moon, Romanticism, Reading, Books, Night, Stars, Butterflies, Songs, Singing, The sky, Flowers.
°•°I live, as I want°•° °•°I on a life one°•° °•°To itself the idiot,°•° °•°To itself the mister.°•° Love–well forgotten old Dream–always in my heart Second–I to it live The friendship-as is a lot of in this word …
jinnei, 27 лет
Philippines, Baguio city
Jigoku shoujo, Drawing, Anime, Nature, Writing, Reading, Exploring, Making friends, Surfing
i am a lover of nature, of pets and of art. i am currently enrolled in veterinary medicine. i am adventurous yet dangerous. i can be too serious but i am kind.
Russia, Saint-Peterburg
I like alternative, American punk music, Reading, Dancing, Writing
I'm a teenager, who's dreaming about few things right now: band, dancing and making crazy staff
Nettie, 27 лет
America, Los-Angeles
Music, Dance, Karate, Ice skating, Piano, Guitar, Cooking, Reading, Writing, Watching movies, Videos, Skateboarding, Singing, Baseball, Basketball, Trampoline ...
I have three older brothers named Marcus, Dustin and Scott. I have 3 dogs (Snoopy, Chewie and Musashi) and two turtles (Tootsen and Zeus). Collection of stuffed animals, hats, books and crafts. My friends call me Nettie,you can call me the same way.
babylove, 32 года
Usa, Austin
Reading, Hanging with friends
i am one the of the most beautifyll girl in the world with a very good sence of hurmor. i am one the of the most beautifyll girl in the world with a very good sence of hurmor.
tomhesse, 46 лет
syda Akum, 32 года
Reading, Cooking
I'm a simple, down to earth, looking attractive and very optimistic kind of person. I like making people around me happy and that is my life. I am romantic, caring and also like to joke.

XYWE > Интересы > Reading

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